Thursday, June 14, 2007

The emergence of the steam-powered porcine...

The intrepid inventress entices her steam piggy to activity!
(l-r: myself, Miss Tomobla, Miss Begonia,
Mr. Hax, and Miss Paris)
The other day I had the opportunity to speak with Miss Tombola, concerning some design intricacies (more on this at a future date!), when she invited me to Caledon Priververness for an unveiling of her latest invention... the Steam Piggy!

Mr. Sands approaches the piggy as it awakens!

Unique, Immense, and quite Impressive are all adjectives that apply to her "little pet", which announces itself with quite a cacophony of sound as it stretches its mechanical limbs from its inactive slumber.

Mr. Ida observes the action from a distance...

Needless to say, another smashing success by Miss Tomobla! She mentioned she will now turn her talents towards becoming a horse breeder... I look forward to her new foals - I am certain they will have her trademark uniqueness!

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