Saturday, June 30, 2007

Location Profile: Antiquity 1800's Historic Township

The Rotunda outside the Grand Ballroom

Last Thursday evening, as I was gallivanting about SL, when I stumbled upon a sim of which I had no previous knowledge. I spent a bit exploring the territory, noting the furious construction going about, when I happened upon Mrs. Angel Magellan, co-owner of Antiquity Township, with her partner, Mr. Gregg Barrymore. A double prim establishment on a class five server, when I arrived they were busily working towards the official opening date of July 7th. However, they graciously answered a few of my pedantic questions, as I was unfamiliar with their sim and what they had planned. When I inquired about the origins of Antiquity Township, Mr. Barrymore responded

Mrs. Angel Magellan & Mr. Gregg Barrymore,
Proprietors of Antiquity Township

" we had long wanted to be Caledon residents, but as you know, Caledon land is near impossible to acquire. So at one point, we gave up, and started our own Victorian sim, not in competition, but more like complimentary so far, our residents are all lovely people Victorian sims seem to attract the best folk."

A view of the Barrymore Pub and the Romantic Waterfall

I wondered how Antiquity Township was to differ from Caledon, and Mr. Barrymore explained that it would have a more like Brighton or Cape Cod, with beach houses along the shore (I did fail to ask about a boardwalk, however). Additionally, Antiquity will not only have the Township sim, but an additional sim, Antiquity Cove, which would be attached due west of Antiquity Township

Marketplace stalls for independent merchants

" Antiquity Cove will attach to Rastas (a neighboring group of sims) four waterways, with permissions for our residents to sail them", Mr. Barrymore extrapolated.

Public transportation encompasses Antiquity

Thanking them for their time, I continued to explore and take photographs of Antiquity Township, only to discover Miss Tombola already had planted her flag in Antiquity, with a branch of La Bicyclette near the town center. Went in, scratched her watchdog Ladymine behind the ear, and dallied on which of her new horses I should select. I decided to wait until my dear Artesia had the opportunity to acquire hers, and left, after taking a few more parting photos.

Antiquity's branch of La Bicyclette, with faithful Ladymine guarding

Although the official opening ceremonies of Antiquity are not until the 7th of July, anyone is welcome to stop by and see it before it is officially open!

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Artesia B's World said...

Dr. Fabre,
A very nice piece on this place. Exiciting, an new place to visit! It nice to know about they will have a water way connection.