Friday, June 8, 2007

Photojournal: Casablanca, Morroco

I recently took a small jaunt to visit a local my parents enjoyed because of its tropical weather, kind people, and exotic atmosphere... Casablanca. My poor mother suffered from allergies, so papa would send her, and the children (my self and my half-sister) to Casablanca, where his "Good ole chum" from Oxford, Dr. Henanson, resided before returning to civilization...

Waiting outside the "Hotel Paris"

I made my self comfortable waiting for my dear Artesia to finish preparing herself for sighseeing, dressing in appropirate tropical gear, including my trusty pith helmet I purchased in Cairo a few years back.

Visiting a local fountain, I relaxed as the sounds of nature and the bubbling of the nearby water eased my tensions from the last trip that uncle Francois insisted I take with him.

Wandering around the nearby bazzar, I was looking for a sutible gift for a Caledonian friend, when Artesia said she would be "right back" and left ... damn her and her naivete! Doesn't she know that ladies are kidnapped for neferious purposes in this place!

Studying the goods in the bazzar, when Artesia left...

Retracing my steps, I asked a local for assistance, and he told me I should seek assistance from the Iman, at the mosque at the edge of the city. However, I would need to change my garb from a European, to that of a local - and I did so.

Outside the Mosque

The Iman said that he had heard about an "English lady" going to the local dance hall - I was outraged! What was she thinking?! I stormed over to the locale, and found Artesia, robed in nothing more than a few shreds of clothes! After I composed myself, she explained that she wanted to learn how to "belly dance" (or the "Danse du Ventre", as the French call it). The housemaid offered to show her, and she wanted to suprise me, so... I would have prefered not to have run about the length of the city looking for her, but she was happy, so I indulged her as she showed me her newfound skills (and I must say, I was quite impressed...!)

Artesia performing her "belly dance" (a bit scandalous, but I must say it is enthralling...)

Afterwards, we indulged in a local tradition, the "hookah"... I'm not sure what I was inhaling, but afterwards, we were strangely very hungry ....

Artesia and I indulging in a "Hookah" ...

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John said...

Interesting blog and wonderful pictures!
I like your trip and I'm interesting in this exotic country and especially in Casablanca, Arabic name is Dar el Baida!
I know that a lot of people investing money in Casablanca property, because it is a business capital of Morocco! And it is a lively, modern city whose reputation as a tourist destination is growing rapidly.
I want to visit famous mosque of Hassan II, Nouvelle M├ędina and Church of Notre Dame de Lourdes! And taste exotic Moroccan cuisine!