Friday, June 22, 2007

Steampunk Culture: Steampunk Forum

Mr. Chow's "1st Lt. Bastian Wolfe"

After dredging through my links, I found an artistic site that has amazing renditions relating to Steampunk characterizations, specifically Airship personnel & Mechanical individuals. The link to Concept's Airship images is at:

Also had the opportunity to join the "Steampunk Forum", part of the Brass Goggles website. Still reading the vast swath of material there, so beware... you really can be lost for hours! And then.. after seeing the projects, you'll make a bee-line to the local hardware store... buy some copper tubing, a torch....

Freya Horn's "Steampunk Girl"

More detail on her image is at:

**Don't forget**
Today is the "Steampunk South Pacific" RFL fund raiser, from 1-5, SLT, and the Whttlesea Commons Opening, from 6-9 SLT!


chapillon said...


Maybe are you a french speaker or maybe you know some of them... There is also a French speaking Steampunk forum:

Paul said...

Steampunk and Industrial furniture: