Thursday, June 21, 2007

Updates & a picture...

An artist's rendition of a horseless carriage in the upcoming film "The Golden Compass" (Located it this after further research - simply had to add it!)

I would like to take a moment to mention two additions to my list of links...

First, I must mention Miss Zoe Connolly's blog, one that I have read for quite a while, and enjoy thoroughly. Although it hasn't necessary been focused towards the genre, as a new resident of Caledon, I felt it appropriate to add her work to the listings.

Secondly, an extremely good site, The Victorian Peeper, was brought to my attention. Miss Tetens, the author, is a rl historian specializing in nineteenth century Britain, provides amazing depth into Victorian England, and in a manner which lends itself to hours of reading (yes - I will admit to that - lol!). Additionally, she has numerous articles on Steampunk-related topics of interest to anyone involved in the genre. A "must-visit" site for any Caledonian, Steampunk, or Victoriana-phile!

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