Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Victorian Vices: Prostitution

Victorian-era lady of the evening posing

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The 19th century demanded that women protect their Chasity at almost any cost; phrases such as "a ruined woman" and a "fate worse than death" were meant seriously. But at the same time, prostitution was a thriving industry. In fact, there were several different strata of prostitution, from demimondaine or adventuresses whose informal liaisons with prosperous men might be as stable and exclusive as a marriage, through house girls, down to the streetwalkers among whom Jack the Ripper found his victims.
Many people thought prostitution gave men an outlet for impulses that otherwise would endanger every woman they encountered. Many, possible most men were at least occasional customers of prostitutes; it was a fairly common experience for them to have their first sexual experience this way. In an era when there was no safe treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, this was a significant public health problem.

Stoddard, W.H. (2000) - Gurps Steampunk, pg. 28, SJG:Austin
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Esmeralda said...

Isnt there a London White Chapel area (the area where Jack the Ripper roamed) in SL? I remeber about half a year ago , there was a London White Chapel area build...looked kinda eerie and cool...I forgot to bookmark it , because I stumbled upon this LM by accident (it was somewhere high up in the sky) and I could never find it back. !!