Sunday, July 15, 2007

Establishments: P.irate & Co.

Exterior photo of P.irate & Co.

The other day, after searching for a skyship to begin my next exploration endeavor, I decided to locate some appropriate garb for aero travel. I did a search, and happened up a store called P.irate & Co., which caught my eye... after all, even though Victorian garb is appropriate for just about any occasion, I'd say that the fellows (and dames) of the coast tend to be a *bit* more freewheeling and fashionable!

As I was looking at the offerings of the establishment, I almost literally stumbled across Miss Zoriada Rossini, a co-owner of the store. After a pleasant exchange, she agreed to my imposition of an interview, so as such, I asked a few questions of her and her store...

Photo of Miss Rossini

Miss Rossini, What led you to start making products?

My sister Sonya Kivioq has been on SL for more than a year and runs a very successful shop and sim. In our first life, we both attended an art school as animation majors, and we learned a lot about Photo Shop / 3d modeling and the sort. I saw she was having a great time making a sorts of things, and I had been searching for a way to use my "wasted" talents. Ive been building since the first day I had my SL account. The first thing I ever built was a pair of boots and they wernt too shabby! He, he I got really excited about it. So I continued to make the rest of the outfit to go along with the boots (It ended up being a Pirate Captains outfit, which I dont sell, because it has sentimental value. After that success, I went nuts (my sister can vouch for that) and decided to build a Spanish Galleon (this was on my fifth day in SL, by the way), and it turned out, err, ok. Meanwhile, I started to get a lot of compliments, and "why dont you sell this, youd make a lot?" So I took into consideration, and started to make things for others to buy, and Id like to think its going pretty good!

Why Pirates?

Yarrr Well, I dont know when it started with me (it WASN'T Pirates of the Caribbean), but Ive had an interest/fanaticism in pirates for a long time. "Piracy" to me is a symbol of absolute freedom. The whole attitude of rebelling not caring what other think about what youre doing and all that. Oddly it is sorta because a pirate has all the qualities I want to see in myself. I care too much about what people think (working on it, hehe), and I crave for a freedom that I lack. An "anarchist" if you will, but less "emo". I actually have a big pirate flag hanging above my computer at all times (haha). Some think Im a little extreme, but it cant be helped!

Zori displays her Mechanical Arm, and her Top Hat / Goggle combination

What has been the biggest challenge for Zoringinals?

Well, in the beginning I had to design a store! I had some issues with that, but then after I built my store, it was pretty empty of vendors (which is pretty useless haha)! So I had to had to come up with stuff to make that I thought would be sellable. My neighbors at Talisman specializes in flexi-dresses, so I tried my hand at that, and made about five designs they didnt sell as well as I would have hoped and another pair of boots but basically I didnt have too much of an idea about what I was doing. It was really slow going at first, but now inspirations pop up all over, and I have too MANY ideas! I love it when someone comes in and are like "can you make this"? I say "absolutely!" and get to making something that I had never thought of to begin with!

What has been the most successful product / best seller?

Since my first shop (cuz we tore it down, and am now sharing a business with my hunny Lucian Commodore at P. irate & Co.), my best sellers have been "Peacock Explosion", one of my original five flexi-dresses that I made and the only one that sold, and my unisex boots. But since the re-opening of the new shop, I have added many more vendors, so that may change soon, especially since our target audience is a lot wider, yet specialized at the same time.

Image of her Raven-headed cane

What can you mention about your plans for the future?

Well, since partnering with Luci, things have been going pretty smoothly. He is a texture addict, and Im the prim queen, so we make a great team. We technically havent had our Grand Opening for P.irate & Co., [because] we are still working on vendors and d├ęcor. We plan to have a big party for the occasion, [including] sales. We have started a group, P.irate & Co. fans! We encourage everyone to become a P.irateer, keep up with store news, and find out about sales and events! At P.irate & Co., we actually host three brands. Lucky Pirate Brand is Lucis creations (Steampunk stuff, textures, and some furniture); Zoriginals (my brand I make a little bit of everything), and P.irate & Co., with is joint projects (usually furniture or buildings). We can pretty much cater to anyones needs, and its really very exciting! Everyone who weve met at our store has added us to their top picks, and that is so gratifying, considering were such a new business! Please stop by our shop and see all our awesome new items!!! Even if you dont find something that quite fits your style, we offer retexturing, and take commissions for pretty much anything (except complex scripting, were still working on that [heeheehee])!

I thanked her for her time, and she excused herself, as she was off to ... something (after all, she is a pirate! (lol)!

Image of myself sporting Zori's smart Top hat/goggles & the Captain's damned parrot of the south eastern coast of Macao (I hated that obnoxious babbling chicken....!)

I must disclose that I am a customer of the store, and I have become quite smitten with her top hat & goggles combination! Additionally, I have accepted membership into her group "P.irate & Co.", and look forward to the official grand opening (and... ahem... new products, when they come out)!

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