Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Steampunk Culture: New Babbage sim & New Submersibles!

Steampunk ship on surface [by Mr. Avalos]

As reported by Miss Zoe Connolly, Mr. S. Sprocket has announced the opening of a new Babbage (the name hitherto unknown to this reporter...) in the following press release:

Starting next month we'll be taking reservations for the underwater sim (residential) and the Babbage Port (commercial) The port will have NO TELEHUB, letting business owners set teleports DIRECTLY to their store. The underwater sim not only has a telehub but is also UNDERWATER. This design should provide private living, although privacy is never promised in new babbage, it should be a quiet place to relax and have a chat, or just watch the fish (and krakken) swim by.. please spread the word....

Surfaced ship crusing at sunset [by Mr. Staylor]

In celebration to the expansion of New Babbage and its Steampunks, I have located a number of images from (again! - lol!), showing some interesting Steampunk-esque submersables. [Apparently in SL, there are no need for ballast tanks on a boat! Not like my RL experience with sub fleet (lol)! As with the previous post, the name of the artist is listed, so if you like his/her work, simply perform a search on the name...]

Steampunk ship diving [by Mr. Idiot Apathy]

ADDITIONALLY.... combat Steampunk era (mid-late 1800s to early 1900s) are available on SL. Mr. Bunwah Murakami has constructed eight era specific subs, including the USS Holland, USS Fiskdale, USS Sturbridge, USS Onondaga, USS Monitor, CSS Richmond, the CSS Virginia, and the H.L. Hunley. I have personally purchased two, and find them to be incredably enjoyable to sail and fire from (at appropriate targets, of course!....hehehe). You can see what is available at his shipyard at:

Mr. O'toole has a more indepth review (and description of an ironclad battle - including pictures! (The specific entry is on the 18th of July)

Pencil sketch of a steampunk sub [by Mr. josephrey]

I shall have to update my nautical combat skills, to ensure I'm worthy of seagoing combat.....

Cruising of the Antiquity Cove coast

Small Steampunk sub [by Mr. Wystro]

Visiting Antiquity Cove at Dusk


Phillip said...

Hey just an FYI the USS Monitor, and the CSS Virginia were not submersables.
They are quite famous as being the first Iron-Clad warships in the world and though their battle with each other was very long and unclimatic its still very historically important because after that all warships were built as Iron-Clads.


Joer said...

where'd you did up that old sketch of mine? ha, that finger sticking out the side looks super rad.