Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Steampunk Culture: Point Defences

Modern point defence [by Mr. cgfuller_64]

Much ado has been made about airship by fans of this particular medium (including your dedicated journalist), but they are not a force unto themselves. Cities and nations have defences to combat these aero-combatants, of varied sizes and means. The below is a small sampling of the point defences that are used in the realm of Steampunk militaries.

Pirate-controlled harpoons, including construction narrative [by Mr. cgfuller_64]

[These works were copied from, and the name of the artists are listed below the image. If you wish to see more of the individual's work, simply go to, and peform a search - you'll simply be amazed at the wealth of potential!]

Brass anti-airship defence [by Mr. Zeitwolf]

Shipboard mounted defence point [by Mr. JakkaS]

Urban anti-pirate defence [by Mr. Smot]

Mobile Harpoon Unit [by Mr. Saise]

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