Saturday, July 28, 2007

Update: The Antiquity Gazette

The Ivory Rotunda, upon arrival in Antiquity Township

I have begun editing a new blog/news source, named "The Antiquity Gazette", for a new Victorian sim which opens next month. I intend to keep the two separate, but feel for the sake of full journalistic disclosure, I should make it known I edit both. The link to the Gazette is:

Visitor's Center in Antiquity Township

The sim is projected to open on the 11th of August, and a good number of events are planned. However, in preparation, building is coming along furiously, as Great Duke Barrymore subsists off of Red Bull & German coffee to ensure the opening goes as planned (shades of the White City)!

The Antiquity Clock Tower in the Township (residence of this journalist)

Nonetheless, it is open for.. "previewing", and visitors are always welcome to the sim. Any concerns, comments, or questions about the sim, please leave a comment below, or contact Grand Duke Barrymore (or his partner, Miss Angel Magellan) in-world.

Official colors of Antiquity

Further details about Antiquity are in the Gazette, including an extensive interview with the Grand Duke and his lady about the focus and purpose of the sim - however, please feel free to visit (step gingerly - we are a work in progress!)

(Dated) Overview of Antiquity Township (Antiquity Cove is still undergoing construction)

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