Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Update: a "field day" on the blog, if you will...

Dear Readers,
I am in the process of making a few changes to the blog, both content and conceptual...

1) Social Events are now listed under the SL Victorian Post link
I am changing the updates to social events listings in the SL Victorian/Steampunk sims to its own site (the SL Victorian Post)... and it will be linked in the same place (left side linkage). This will allow any interested persons to go directly there and see the current week's events.
Over the past week, I had noticed that my previous listing was a bit difficult to read, and adding it to the main body forced it further down the posting list. The Second Life Victorian Post will consolidate any events I learn of, and wholeheartly encourage any information regarding events I may be unaware about. I will put up the "Weekend edition" on thursday, allowing anyone to read it and make approprate plans.

2) A less event-driven blog (of the sims), and a more general focus on the genres
There are a large number of excellent blogs on SL Victoriana, Caledon, EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolitas) - (listed on the sidebar), and I feel adding one more to the mix is academic. Instead, I shall attempt to concentrate on the asthetics (e.g. media, historical background, ect...) of said genre (Steampunk & Victoriana).

3) A more comprehensive effort towards SL Victoriana/Steampunk/...
Caledon is expansive (as almost everone knows), but there are other efforts that deserve recognition in SL, who reflect the overall Victorian theme (with streaks of Steampunk included). Therefore, I shall attempt to incorporate them into my writings, including news and events.

4)... and Gothic themes
Not the traditional concept of "Gothic" (however one might define that...), but more along the Victorian Gothic/Horror tradition (eg. Poe, Shelly, ect...). Fits in the overall theme, and has been overlooked - or at least lumped into the general "Gothic" category.

and that is about it... any comments, feel free to do so - ty!

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