Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Absinthe Ritual

Absinthe Fountain, by Boomstein

As I was reviewing some of the latest blog entries on the Steampunk Links, I came across an interesting article by Miss Michelle Black, author of the blog Welcome to the Victorian West of Michelle Black.  An accomplished writer, Miss Black touches upon the one of the standards of Steampunk - the indulgence of Absinthe.

The header for Miss Black's Blog

Many have discussed trying the beverage, and there are those who claim (or have actually) done so, but I would argue that it is one thing to simply swill said beverage, as opposed to take part of the traditional means of preparing the "green fairy".  On her blog, she provides a very insightful introduction to the method of preparing and serving Absinthe, including the "why", the "how", and a bit more of the "how" of serving.

An additional video short on Absinthe

Still, Absinthe remains a mystery to most, including myself.  I have looked about half-heartedly in the local area for a bottle, but I suppose that I may have to take a more focused look of at least trying the beverage.  I've added a number of links below to assist those who may also be interested in imbibing (safely, of course), and at the very least, there is very impressive era art regarding the drink!

Mr. Alphonse Mucha's classic absinthe poster

I fear that between Kraken Spiced Rum, my projected experiments with Absinthe, and indulging in my ever-tasty Guinness, that my RL adventures in Steampunk will burden me with a new vice.  Nonetheless, any reader insights are always welcome, and I when I progress a bit more on the absinthe project, I will be certain to post!  For more information on absinthe, please visit...

Miss Black's blog...

... followed by her professional website.

A small piece further reviewing the absinthe ritual...

... and a link to obtaining some for yourself!

Do consider eying the below absinthe review websites before purchasing!




CrystalKittyCat said...

The best Absinthe that Ive had a chance to try is St. George Absinthe. It has a wonderful meld of flavors that the few other Absinthes Ive tried fail at. Sadly we didnt have a fountain to louche the Absinthe with, so we used plastic droppers filled with water instead. I really cant wait to get a fountain for the proper ritual!

Tome Wilson said...

Good luck finding a bottle of Absinthe in the States. Its still illegal.

The bottles you can find are so far away from real Absinthe that you might as well be drinking cat urine with green food coloring.

If youre looking for the good stuff, start with Absinthe chemist chemist "Ted Breaux."

Josh said...

In that case, I humbly submit this for Portlands reconsideration as the west coasts Steampunk city.


Fogwoman Gray said...

Having wished to try Absinthe for some time, but being unable to obtain it, I was very happy to have the opportunity during my honeymoon in Seattle. I loved it.
IF you like anise/licorice flavor a lot you should enjoy Absinthe. The sweetness can be adjusted with the sugar you add along with the water.
However, if Ouzo makes you gag you are unlikely to enjoy Absinthe in any preparation :)
Lacking the fun tools we use chilled pure water poured slowly over a sugar cube held in half a tea infusion spoon. Works great!

RF said...

@ Miss CrystalKittyCat - I do concur with the necessity of a good fountain. I believe one of the links has a display of beautiful (but painfully expensive) fountains!

@ Mr. Wilson - I must admit I havent checked on the legalities of absinthe, but if it is illegal, it looks like Ill be quite disappointed, until I head overseas.

@ Mr. Josh - Noted and thank you!

@ Miss Gray - Not a big licorice fan, but I would suppose that everything should be tried at least once! Absinthe on your honeymoon was brilliant idea, however! And ty for the spoon infusion - it may be the means Ill be looking at in the future (aka, I dont think I can justify a fountain).

Michelle Black said...

Hello and thanks for the mention of my website: The Victorian West. I am currently developing a sister site devoted solely to information on absinthe called Absinthe Victoriana.

On the legality of absinthe: Though banned for 95 years in the US, it was re-legalized in 2007. Most larger liquor stores now carry a brand or two. For a wider selection, there are some mail order websites now.

RF said...

@ Miss Black - Hello, and thank you for stopping by! Its good to know that the Green Fairy can be obtained in the US (I was looking at padding to Cuba for a bottle)! Additionally, the sister site on Absinthe sounds outstanding, and I for one, will be looking forward to its launch! Thanks again, Madam!