Saturday, January 15, 2011

A look back at Exhibition Hall, an outstanding Steampunk fanzine...

The cover of the last issue of Exhibition Hall

Sorting through a number of notes on the "to report about" list, I came across a scribble about a excellent online Steampunk magazine titled Exhibition Hall.  Running from the fall of 2009 until the fall of 2010, Exhibition Hall was notable not only for its interviews, articles, and product reviews, but it has a plethora of photography and convention reports, which in my estimation, helped highlight the ":live" Steampunk movement (as opposed to the virtual worlds), by not just showing there was a growing following that was simply having a good time, but that all age ranges were welcomed to participate.  

Sadly, its production run ended in November, and I've been unsuccessful in discovering any information regarding its possible return.  Still, the fifteen issues which comprised the Exhibition Hall series is still available, and if one desires to garner a view at an excellent look at one of the building blocks of the current Steampunk movement, at:


Journey Planet said...

Exhibition Hall isnt dead... its just sleeping.

Srsly, were taking a bit of a break (Im running a convention, Arianes running a convention, James is working on a ton of other projects) so the next issue will be out in Early March. Were planning on a State of Steampunk / Nova Albion Preview issue, so if anyone reading this is interested, send us art/articles!

RF said...

Outstanding! I shall be looking forward to the next episode!