Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Poll Question: Are Virtual Worlds part of your Steampunk Experience?

Though there is a current poll running (more on that in a moment), I'd like to add another poll question to the sidebar section.  While I was in-world in Second Life, walking the Vernian Seas tubes, I got to thinking about how many individuals who are involved with the Steampunk genre are involved in "Virtual Worlds" Steampunk, with the most likely platform being Second Life, though there are other platforms which support "virtual" Steampunk.

The "Real Life" (RL) Steampunk scene has experienced impressive growth, but I have a theory that the Virtual Worlds (or Second Life - aka, SL) participation is flat at best, or even shrinking.  Involvement in SL can be bit of a challenge at first (e.g. getting used to the interfaces, the economics, and some of the quirky experiences in SL), but for those who decide to "stay", it can be a unique extension of Steampunk.  One nice aspect is the control over immersion - all that is essentially involved with "Virtual Steampunk" is a console and a bit of time to adjust to SL.

However, to keep from proselytizing about "Virtual Steampunk", I'll get straight to the point by posting a poll on the sidebar, with the following choices about virtual worlds ...

a) Yes, I am exclusively involved with Steampunk via virtual experiences
b) Yes, I am involved with Virtual Steampunk and Real World Steampunk circles
c) I am occasionally involved with Virtual Steampunk
d) No, I tried "Virtual Steampunk", but it wasn't for me
e) No, I am not interested in "Virtual Steampunk" worlds

Finally, there is a month left on the current poll, regarding Seattle being the "unofficial" center of Steampunk.  If you haven't taken a moment to cast your choice, please do consider doing so!


Itsbugart said...

I have created a steampunk "neighborhood" in The Sims 2; does that count as virtual steampunk?

RF said...

@ Isbugart - Most certainly! Any experience which focus on the genre interaction and a simulated reality could be stated as "fitting the bill".