Wednesday, January 5, 2011

SteamCast's First Edition - Steampunk Reporting from Conselho SteamPunk, Brazil

Though most of the visitors to the Steampunk Tribune tend to be English-speaking, I have had the pleasure to correspond with Steampunk enthusiasts from other, non-speaking localities (along with a "thank you" to Babblefish).  However, for those who may not be familiar with Conselho Steampunk, it is perhaps the most vibrant, non-English Steampunk group on this small blue marble.  

They launched SteamCast, an endeavor in both Brazilian and English, to provide information, news, and current events in the Steampunk worlds.  The focus of this inaugural episode is an interview Mr. Kevin Mowrer, the author of Franknsthyne (English with Brazilian subtitles).  I received the impression that SteamCast is the culmination of previous videos (located here) to perfect their efforts.  Do take a moment to visit - they are quite interesting, and if you happen to live in other parts of the world, you are likely to not have seen them before!

Finally, Conselho Steampunk has been around for a quite a while, so if you have not had the opportunity to visit their beautiful website, I would heartily suggest taking a moment and seeing what could very well be one of the best designed and organized Steampunk presences on the the aether-net!  To stop by, please visit: .

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