Monday, January 3, 2011

Steampunk Event Listings for January, 2011, and Seasons Greetings from a lovely lady north of the border...

To start the new year, I wanted to list a number of events taking place this first month of 2011, but first, I felt compelled to put a very kawaii photo of the lovely Miss Carmen, the Steam Chihuahua, courtesy of Steampunk Canada.  Dressed in vintage lapdog attire, one can only hope we'll be seeing more of this fashion-forward gal in the future!

Now, on to the listings...  as always, its subject to change, as circumstances tend to fluctuate in real life

 January Salon of the League of Cincinnati Steampunk (Cincinnati) Jan 7

2nd Annual Feast of Norton (San Francisco) Jan 8

Chrononaut Presents: A concert for SepiaChord (San Diego) Jan 13

Cowford Mayorial Election (Jacksonville) Jan 15

Steampunk Costuming Workshops (Ottawa) Jan 16

Sunday Steampunk Salon (Ypsilanti, MI) Jan 16

Diplomacy! at The Aether Salon (New Babbage, Second Life) Jan 21

The Steampunk Exhibition Ball (Seattle) Jan 22

A Clockwork Wonderland: Through Aether and Mysterium (Dallas) Jan 22

Ohyaocon 2011 (Columbus, OH) Jan 28

SPATSFEST 11 (Ashville, NC) Jan 28

Millinery / Haberdashery Workshop (Ottawa) Jan 30

This is only a thumbnail sketch of the entierity of events in Steampunk this month, but please do take a moment to visit the Events section at the Steampunk Empire for more information, at:


Countessa Lenora said...

Thank you for the great surprise this morning. I just updated our front page today, but was missing our cute Miss Carmen.

RF said...

@ Countess Lenora - Ah, there are many beautiful ladies in Steampunk, but Id risk saying Miss Carmen is the most unique, and a pleasure to have on the Tribune! - My thanks!

Ericka said...

Thank you for mentioning the Steampunk Exhibition Ball. Could you correct the link to

The current link goes to another event in Michigan. Thanks!

RF said...

@ Miss Ericka - Done, and my apologies for the mistake!

Whisper said...

My dear, please feel free to contact me! Im looking for bloggers to help me get the word out about the events Im working on: TEMPUS and The Steampunk Worlds Fair.

I would love to let you know more about them!

All best,

aka Whisper

RF said...

Dear Miss Whisper,
I would certainly love to learn more about them, madam! Please feel free to contact me regarding the events!

Stephanie said...

Thank you for carrying the Clockwork Wonderland event. We anticipate many in attendance for this spectacular evening. Were very much looking forward to this weekend and all the great people we will be meeting!