Sunday, January 9, 2011

Steampunk Gastronomy

A delicious Steampunk New Year's Gathering!

Happened upon two unique sites which involve a differing aspect of Steampunk - Steampunk Gastronomy!  These two sites address this topic, albeit in different manners....

First, Steampunk Cookery explores a wide range of edible works, including how they relate to historical / Steampunk historical connections and backgrounds (I shall make it a point to try the Chicken Schnitzel - it will be a good project along with my Teutonic other half)!  To visit Mr. Arron's impressive website, please turn to:

If one is looking for something a bit more exotic, albeit with ingredients which might be a tad more difficult in obtaining (such as Sky Kraken), I would suggest a visit to Chronoaut Cookery.  Though the site is still in its infancy, I do look forward to seeing more receipies and cooking techinques in the future (including more on the Spicy Sky Kraken Stir Fry)!  To take the opportunity to learn more, please visit:

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