Thursday, January 20, 2011

Steampunk Passion Design, by Today's Bride, Bay Area

Today's quick video is a piece by Today's Bride, Bay Area.  They did a bit on a Steampunk wedding presentation, titled "Steampunk Passion", which is a bit more along the artsy side (aka, not quite sure if an average person would have such an arrangement), but for those who may be eyeing spring nuptials, its worth a watch!


Fogwoman Gray said...

Looks like somebody searched keyword "steampunk" on Etsy and Ebay.
A few interesting decor elements, but not what I would characterize as Steampunk personally.
But I am biased, as I had a Steampunk wedding :)

TamaraRose said...

I think this is a lovely interpretation of the style. Its elegant and subtle but still has the elements that connote steampunk. Steam can be overdone and costumey which can be a big turn-off and I find it refreshing to see a more minimal approach.

Trevor Schmidt said...

I really liked the gauntlet deal at 3:37, but a lot of the other stuff didnt do it for me. Her dress was more goth and I would have done something different with her hair and makeup. But thats me.

-Trevor Schmidt