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Monday, September 14, 2009

Gentleman’s Steampunk Fashion: Distinguished Asthetics

I have been on Second Life for just about three years, and during my early days, I was somehow anointed as a fashionably dressed “man-about-town”. Now, I considered this to be quite amusing, with other gentlemen asking where I acquired my Neo-Victorian / Steampunk attire (but I must confess, I never believed I was up to the title). Fortunately, I can justifiably say that there is a new and fashionable “man-about-town”, Mr. Elrick Anataine, the author of “Distinguished Aesthetics”, a blog for SL Steampunk and Neo-Victorian gentlemen’s clothes.
Mr. Elrick Anataine wearing Silent Sparrow’s “Severin
Distinguished Aesthetics is the “Gentleman: A Timeless Fashion” of the SL Steampunk/Neo-Victorian environs – not only does he review a wide variety of men’s attire (Steampunk / Neo-Victorian / EGL, and a few others) in detail, providing kudos and exposing issues of the work in question, but he has excellent tutorials on topics such as fashion photography in SL (so you can try something different from the “straight on/mug shot” photo in your profile and Flickr sets), how to use X-Street (SL Exchange to “older folk”) effectively, and an outstanding primer on animation over-riders for Gentlemen (allowing one to escape the “Linden chicken walk”)!
Gentlemen in formal attire (RL, of course) for “Royal Ascot Day”! (court. BBC)
By all means, if you continually wear the same attire in-world or just put said attire on straight out of the purchase box without a second thought, make your next hyperlink choice the one below, and expand your “suave and debonair” style! (And ladies, if you have to, bend your man’s virtual ear to the site – you won’t be sorry)! To visit Distinguished Aesthetics, please turn to:


Breezy Carver

Dear Dr Fabre,
With out a doubt You Sir, ..Still hold a said title (smiles)
A Fine ,Well Dressed Voyager about town Gentleman Indeed !!


My dear, doctor,

Thank you for the kind referral (which I have just now noticed as I must confess Im quite new at the entire "blogging" concept).

You do me much honour, but I have absolutely no doubts as to the wondrous impressions you leave as a fellow gentleman of the Grid.

We must, indeed, band together to spread the knowledge & wisdom that men can attire themselves most elegantly in Second Life.

Be well, good sir.




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