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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Brazillian Steampunk on Wired Magazine

A brief letter was forwarded to Mr. Bruce Sterling by the Conselho Steampunk, a group of Brazillian Steampunk enthusiasts who run an exemplary genre-based organization in Brazil.  However, they also provide more details on projects they are working on, including an international Steampunk Facebook-esque project.  To read more of this letter to Mr. Sterling, please visit…
… and though the readers of the Heliograph are familiar with Conselho Steampunk and (an associate for another project of theirs), one can always indulge in another visit to their excellent web sites, at…

Saturday, October 10, 2009

International Steampunk Websites

“Zepplin (airship)” by Mr. Mikel Robinson
(His website, is located here).

As some may have noted, I’ve been slowly tweaking the blog to remove outdated adverts, adding new ones, and trying to improve things this corner of Steampunk, as I push Blogger to its creaky extremes. One item I’ve been wanting to add (but hadn’t until recently), was a listing of “International Steampunk” sites (the term “non-English” seems a bit awkward). Nonetheless, I’ve made a small (and growing) list on the right side bar, including…
The “Laboratory of Time”, a very well done Italian forum on Steampunk, at:
Steampunk SP, an extensive Castallian Spanish Steampunk Board, located at:
… and perhaps one of the best kept secrets of non-English Steampunk, Conselho Steampunk, perhaps one of the best designed and aesthetically impressive Steampunk sits on the internet. It is, from what I can deduce, the center of Brazilian Steampunk, providing not only genre news for Brazil, but also a regional clearing house for events, coordinating actvities between Rio, Sao Paulo, and Rio Grande do Sur. Sadly, there is no English translation for it, but even so, by all means visit this site, at:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Steampunk Fiction: The Greatest Inventions that Tesla Never Created

While sifting the aether, I located an interesting article that touched upon some of the dreams that one of the patron saints of Steampunk (Mr. Tesla) was never quite able to attain. Items such as wireless energy transfer, robots, death rays, airships, and a good number of other theoritical idea he had, but due to circumstances, he never realized.

This small article in IO9 touches on them, and fictional references to what happend if he had actually been successful in completing them. To read more, please turn to:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

International Steampunk

Upon visiting the Steampunk Libriarian, I noticed a bit of Castillian that read “Alrededor del Mundo Steampunk” (Around the Steampunk World). Followed that thread, and went on my own small voyage of a number of international Steampunk sites… begining with the aformentioned!

“Alrededor del Mundo Steampunk” is as one can see, a Spanish Steampunk site, with numerous entries that pertain to Steampunk (in Spanish, as one can summize). To visit it, please turn to:

Steampunk SP – A Spanish forum that discusses the Steampunk genre…

Sociedad Agusta – A Spanish Victorian re-enactment group which holds events annually in Madrid.

and the last Spanish language entry is Steampunk Peru. It appears that the genre has established a foot hold in South America – outstanding!
An Italian Steampunk board, Laboratory of Time, exists at
… and a French offering, more of an artistic site, is at…
While not as comprehensive as I would prefer, it is quite encouraging to see the Steampunk genre expanding around the world, garnering more support as it grows internatinally. I shall post more sites as I discover them!