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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Make Magazine: The Discrete Ladies’ Companion Raygun

Make Magazine released an excellent “Steampunk” issue (issue 17), which included an article on making “The Discrete Ladies’ Companion Raygun”.  This video demonstrates how do make it, with excellent tips on brass cutting safety (e.g. wear gloves when cutting it, or else)!  Please do enjoy!


Fogwoman Gray

I am relieved that a discrete gun exists for discrete ladies, and is discreet as well!
The coalesced ladies usually get all the good toys…

Rhianon Jameson

Some days one needs a small raygun that fits inside a purse; other days one just straps on a full-sized gun, as much a fashion statement as a warning.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

@ Miss Gray – Surprise and adroitness are at times more effective than a huge companion (sidearm). Fortunately for the general populace, only ladies tend to realize this (gentlemen are generally less savvy, and more direct (or lunk-ish – Im sure either adjective would do)!

@ Miss Jameson – Well put… sometimes its the subtly of the message, other times it is the firepower of the message.