more details on steampunk warehouse 13

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More details on the Steampunk Warehouse 13 production from IO9!

A ship/missile/space craft, which apparently *isn’t* heading to the Reichstag

It appears that not only has there been a green light for the Steampunk Warehouse 13 production, but a small clip has also been posted on IO9’s feed!  Looks quite impressive, though unfortunatly I’m not able to post the video of it here (yes, the still above is part of it).  There has been quite a positive feedback regarding it, so its certainly worth a visit!  To see the snippet and read the article, take a gander to IO9 piece, at:



The screen shot and the video clip on the site are actually from Monday nights Warehouse 13 episode, not the spin-off. But that episode does set up the spin-offs story and characters in Wells Victorian-era flash-backs. Im excited about the spin-off series though! Thanks for the article link.

Edward Pearse

The scene is part of the flashback sequence from this weeks episode "3…2…1"