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Saturday, February 7, 2009

More Victorian / Steampunk websites

“Victorian Spaceship” – via Strange Dreams website

Keeping up with the Steampunk genre comes in fits and spurts… sometimes there seems to be nothing happening, and other times there seems to be a plethora of happenings taking place. I’m going to say that its between those above timeframes, but regardless, I’ve listed a few sites that have caught my attention recently….
The Victorian Era
I’ve heard on occasions from those who proclaim themselves as “hardcore Steampunk” individuals their disdain for the common sensabilities of the Victorian era. This could be consided a bit odd, as it is really the basis for the entire genre – without the social construct of the era, one would have nothing to contrast/rebel against.
Passing this minute rant, the Victorian Era website provides an in-depth overview of the Victorian society, from common items, such as gardening, clothes, and men’s wear, to more divergent items, such as tatoos (more common than one might think during the time), and the role of married women in Victorian society (a tad more expansive than might be thought).
Certainly worth a visit, regardless of your background knoweldge, or self-proclaimed level of rebellion!

Lady Frances Drake, (unattributed), from the Strange Dream website

Strange Dreams – Steampunk Art and Fiction

A new site, promoting Steampunk art (and a bit of fiction, it says). The author is able to locate items that are intersting and unique, so do pay it a visit, at…

Jane Austen’s World

If one *loves* Jane Austen’s works (much to girly for me, but my other half has forced me to watch it on occasion), this is an invaluable website! Commentary, Podcasts, Reviews, Interviews, Fansites, Teacher/Student resources, and many more resoruces concerning the Victorian ere (and her works, of course) are available on this locale. Even if one doesn’t find Miss Austen’s works to be the apex of Victorian writing, it is worth a visit, at…

Grandma’s Graphics Webstore

Finally, a graphics website with a good number of era-appropriate images for use with any image software. Grandma’s Graphics has a good number on her site, a grand number of links, and… a store in a place called “Second Life” (lol)! To vist the site, please turn to…



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