my tag entry

Friday, December 7, 2007

My “Tag” entry…

Well, my new rl responsibilities have cut into my (much more important) SL time, but I will endeavor to respond to the current game of “tag” permeating the Victorian blogs, to include the “eight random facts about myself”…
1) Contrary to my good friend Mr. Trenton, I indulge in “healthy” (ok, not so healthy) amounts of coffee… I prefer a good Sumatra Blend (“like velvet on your tounge”) as opposed to “macrobrew” (Folgers, et al), but I will drink it regardless. (Mmmm….coffee…..)
2) Trying to recreate a “Nautical Steampunk” environment in my “computer room”. It’ll take a bit to accomplish, but nothing good is easy, I suppose.
3) Once ate 49 whole jalapenos in 2 minutes – not such a great idea, but did receive accolades for doing it. A crazy submarine “1/2 way night” event that haunts me to this day!
4) Started blogging as an “amusing pastime” that has run amok. This is my second blog, however, the first one being an attempt at a “SL Travelogue” that was, in my opnion, depressingly sparse.
5) I’ve resided in three of the four major Victorian/Steampunk sims: Caledon Mayfair, Antiquity Township/Harbor, and Port Babbage.
6) Fret about a growing inventory list, but hate to delete anything that I had to purchase. I suppose I will “buckle down” and begin a deletion spree, but hate to think of the things that will accidentally disappear in the endeavor.
7) Enjoying starting the new store, but had no idea how much work it would be. Organizing, producing product, ectera, is fun, but I chose “a terrible time to start a store in SL” (to paraphrase Lloyd Bridges (Steve McCroskey) in “Airplane”).
8) Hate when I’m subjected to a patchwork of music when travelling in SL, so I default to iTunes 1.FM-Trance, until I settle into a location for a bit – then switch over to SL.
I will eventually return and name eight “lucky” individuals… but I will wait a bit for my tags, until the time is right *grins*!


Baron K. Wulfenbach

Herr Doktor,

Obviously you were meant to take one of those last eight parcels remaining in Steelhead Harborside.

Herr Doktor Mason could use the backup, and perhaps you could help initiate the ferry line…?


Klaus Wulfenbach