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Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Babbage Events – Interview with Miss Obedience MacTavish

A photo of the entries in the Hot Air Balloon contest – all moored beside the Piermont
The Engineer’s Black Formal Soot Ball at the Piermont Landing was another outstanding event, with Miss Elleon Bergmasco winning the “Hot Air Balloon” build contest, and of course plenty of dignitaries from New Babbage and beyond enjoying the evening at the Piermont. However, the news of the evening was the surprise announcement of engagement of Doctor Obolensky and Miss Obedience Mactavish.

The lovely Miss Mactavish at the Engineer’s Ball
I did have the good fortune of imposing upon Miss Mactavish for a bit of background regarding the impending nuptials (scheduled to take place on October 31st). She was gracious enough to answer a few questions…
Rafael Fabre/Heliograph: (to Miss Mactavish, after a brief introduction)… “If I may, could I trouble you for a bit of background on the engagement?”
Miss Obedience Mactavish: Of course – My father, Dr. Angus Mactavish, was a teacher of Doctor Obolensky’s many years ago. It was my understanding that my father demand… expected then Mr. Obolensky to fulfill certain obligations, in exchange for his mentoring. One of those conditions was that he take me as a wife – my father wished me to be well wed, you see.
RF/H: Of course.
OM: Father died a few years ago (at age 70 or so), and so I have been looking for Doctor Obolensky since then. I heard the name mentioned, and the rest, as they say, is history. The Doctor has most kindly consented to abide by the contract (and he’ll received {unintelligible over the din of the ball}).
RF/H: Ah, intriguing, madam – so the nuptials are planned for sometime in the near future?
OM: Oh, yes, Saturday, October 31st of this year. I do so love that day – nothing like a lovely wedding.
Doctor Obolensky emphasizing a point to a gathering crowd (something about who will be doing the housework, if I heard correctly).
RF/H: It is outstanding to hear of its quick approach.
OM: Well, the Doctor isn’t a young as he used to be. One mustn’t dawdle when these things come up.
RF/H: Indeed, but he is still quite feisty.
OM: Yes, he seems that way, but a man of his age, well, I didn’t want to take any chances with his delicate health, you know.
RF/H: One last question, if I may… has a location been selected for the occasion?
OM: No, not yet, I’ll have to look around the area and see if there is a suitable cryp… church for the dear Doctor. (as she smiles gently).
RF/H: Of course – thank you for your time, Miss Mactavish. Your wedding will certainly be a sight to be seen.
Miss Mactavish then curtsied and took her leave.

The group photo of the Soot Ball’s attendees
To keep track of the ongoing events regarding the Obolensky-Mactavish engagement, please turn to:


Breezy Carver

Dear Dr Fabre …
You Sir, indeed get the scoop on this one !!!
Well done Sir Bravo !!
Miss Carver

Capt. Red Llewellyn

Humph! We are NOT pleased! Impertinent upstart!