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Saturday, March 14, 2009

RL Steampunk Fashion: Exquisite Restraint and Clockwork Couture

Miss Donna-Ricci modeling one of Miss Simone’s exquisite corsets
(From the Heliograph, Aug 2008)

At times, it is odd how kismet works – I had been wondering how to expand upon tomorrow’s Aether Salon topic of Shimmy! in the New Babbage Palisaide, when I received an email from a Miss Simone, the proprietress of Exquisiterestraint.com, providing a bit more information regarding a previous post I had made regarding RL Steampunk Fashion locales.

It appears that the stunning corset in the top photo was designed and constructed by her. The attention to detail is apparent, merging both Victorian Style with a Steampunk twinge (I’d ascribe the twinge to the impressive material in the construciton – an outstanding choice!) She has an abounding selection of corsets, a necessity for any lady’s Steampunk travel trunk, some of which are of a limited-edition nature, and she also does custom work – in case a specific look is desired. To read more about this piece of art (I believe it is called the “Kortni” in her catalogue), see more of her endevors, or learn about Miss Simone’s enterprise, please turn to:


Additionally, she provided a lead on quite intriguing Steampunk clothier, named “Clockwork Couture”. Visited the site, and was very pleasantly surprised, as not only the the have a number of essentials (e.g. vests, jewelery), but era-unique items that I hadn’t seen elsewhere (e.g. underbusts, and full ladies Steampunk ensembles), along with a good selection of non-attire items (e.g. a Captain’s Telescope, a “Ship in a Bottle”, and more, at a more-than-reasonable price). If one is seeking to begin or add to an Steampunk appearance, by all means, visit Clockwork Coutre, at:


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www.mc2craft.com – jeweler in portland oregon that makes the most gorgeous steamounk jewelry. i dont know if he does custom orders? i couldnt find any info on the site.

i want onnne!