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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Second Life’s Fantasy Faire 2011 is in full swing, with the legendary Nemo sim reborn!

The Central Island and tower of the Nemo-influenced sim, 
recreated for a limited time only!
Second Life’s Fantasy Faire, 2011, is one of SL’s largest events, an opportunity to support the American Cancer Society.  It gathers a select groupof the most extraordinary sim builders into one location, and from there, they design amazing and stunningly beautiful builds.  This year the Fantasy Faire was fortunate in attracting one of Second Life’s premiere Steampunk builders, Sextan Shepherd, to contribute his skills in creating a Steampunk sim, exclusively for the event!
The Golden Oriole’s establishment in the sim

In addition to his amazing work, a good number of established Steampunk merchants have “set-up” shop, with excellent deals and limited-time items exclusively for the Fantasy Faire, 2011.  The Golden Oriole, Steampunk Sensations, and Xentricity are only a few of the many vendors in the Steampunk section of this grand presentation.

Mr. Nix Sand’s very popular Xentricity outpost in the Fantasy Faire 

However, while the Fantasy Faire is still ongoing, it will end on Sunday, the 10th of April (this weekend)!  So, if you are interested in seeing an amazing Steampunk sim, and its adjoining thematic sims (all of which are frankly beautiful), do make a point of visiting the Fantasy Faire by this Sunday, and consider helping the American Cancer Society in its fight!

The classic central landing point for Nemo Revisited!

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