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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SL Gentlemen’s Accoutriments: Moustaches, Part 1

Don Reginaldo’s Cigars and Pipes (and more…)

One particularly notable item that the turn of the century was known for (regarding gentlemen), was for unique moustaches and beards. From a classic handlebar moustache, to a bushy Hungarian, from a dashing Dali to the bulky Walrus, unique facial hair was essential “all the rage”, at least until the emergence of disposable razorblades, relegating moustaches and beard to casual additions (unfortunately).

However, SL has certain limitations concerning moustaches and beards. To have this kind of panache, one either has to purchase a skin embedded with some sort of facial hair, or acquire a prim addition (moustache/beard) to have the dashing effect of said addition. Finding said items can be a challenge, especially a good moustache or beard, but after sifting through the throng of ladies’ dresses, shoes, ect, ect…, I have found a few places that can lead a gentleman into a good direction…


DON REGINALDO Cigars and Pipes

Back when I was doing a bit of research for cigars and pipes, I happened upon Don Reginaldo, who aside from having an outstanding cigar and pipe collection (and associated HUD for said items), also has a number of prim moustaches.

Aside from a large selection of moustaches, a good number of hair colors are available to match your own hair! Don Reginaldo isn’t on SL Exchange, but his in-world location is at:



S2L also has a varied selection of moustaches, as the Van Dyke and the “standard” moustaches are pictured. Also available are a goatee and a “biker” beard (perhaps better for the swarthy dockworker)! A limited selection, but with a menu to allow for your choice of hair color.

To see the full selection, please visit Mr. Slade’s SL Exchange location, at:


For further inspiration for moustaches, please feel free to visit the following sites…

Finally, if any readers have suggestions for more moustache merchants in SL, please feel free to mention them… I do have two lined up for the next article, but one always remains searching for more of the classic badge of manliness…


Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle

Calico Creations had a men’s facial hair back that I have found quite useful for making up historical portraits and things. I contains a Muttonchop beard (a prim version of my AVs facial hair), a full beard, six varieties of goatee, a moustache, a soul patch and two sideburns. You can create most facial hair varieties from it though it won’t give you any sort of Dali or handlebar moustache.

Darien Mason

Sarah Nerd sells a set of handlebar mustaches for only 10L. Why anyone would wear a *purple* mustache, however, is beyond me.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

To Duke Pearse – I had not heard of Calico creations, so ty, sir! I shall have to pay it a visit in the near future.

To Doctor Mason – Are her stores still in existance? I made a half-hearted effort to locate her locations, but then again, I must concur – purple is quite an odd color for a classic moustache (unless it is from large amounts of wine, I suppose!)

Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle

It seems 2 Bits has opened a Moustache Emporium in Caledon.