sl steampunk events 20 21 february 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

SL Steampunk Events, 20-21 February, 2010

This weekend promises to be chock full of events, starting with the New Champagne Room’s Geisha from the Blue Louts.  The production is “The First Rabbits”, and will start at 2pm SLT.  For more information, please visit:
Later Saturday evening, starting at 7:30pm SLT, the Battle Storm will take place in the Obsidian Sea, an opportunity to engage in Ironclad combat!  For further details, please visit Steeltopia’s Ning, at:
The New Babbage Academy of Industry will be holding a class on Goggles 101, taught by the extremely talented Dr. Obolensky, starting at 12pm, SLT, on Sunday, the 21st of February.  Further details are located at:
One of the monthly highlights of New Babbage is the Aether Salon – and this month’s topic will be “Haberdashery!”  For an outline of the presentation, please visit:
Finally, the ideal way to end the weekend will turn full circle to the New Babbage Champagne Rooms, with the regular “Music Appreciation” series hosted by Mr. Blackberry Harvey!  For more details, please turn to:

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