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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Steampunk Christmas Shopping: The Evolution Store, 2011…

Well, its Christmas time just around the corner, meaning I am seriously eyeing some of the fantastic goods from a store I do hope to visit in person (someday), the Evolution Store!  Although I first blogged about it “way back” in 2009, their amazing array of goods and products is simply fascinating!

The range of goods covers a wide spectrum – from a “do it yourself” real human skeleton (aka, you have to put together yourself… and its just a hair under 5000 USD), to the clever little Jackalope, which would look fantastic in any gentleman’s den (or a lady’s den, for that matter)!

On the more affordable end, there is a cacophony of additional goods, including the above “brain soap”, mineral book ends, specimen display boxes, a phrenology head, even a Crook’s Radiometer!  The possibilities are endless, to do consider taking a quick peek at The Evolution Store as there is a week left to treat your favorite Steampunk enthusiast to that special something!  For a jaunt, please follow this link….

(and a thank you to my old friend, Mr. S. Dagger, for reminding me I need to go shopping here!)