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Friday, February 25, 2011

Steampunk Events: 25th to 27th of February, 2011

AnachroCon, the Southern Steampunk gathering of impressive measure, will be taking place this weekend in Atlanta, GA!  This event is quite literally jam-packed with presentations, specialty program track, a cavalcade of vendors and fan tables, and much, much more!  For further information, please visit their homepage (while on the road to the convention), at:

In conjunction with AnachroCon, the Artifice Club will be hosting a Gaslamp Gala @ 7pm (tonight)!  With exceptional music and additional entertainment, the Gaslamp Gala is certain to be an outstanding introduction to AnachroCon!  For further details, please see their online location, at:

In Second Life, the legendary builder Nemo will be in attendance at the Steampunk Flea market this Saturday, the 26th!  As the event manager, Mr. Kuperpunk explained…
 “…we start our great Steampunk Fleamarket next to Kafe Kruemelkram in Second Life. The best and most famous SL Steampunk Designers and Artists will present their works on a victorian market on drifting platforms in the harbour of Kafe Kruemelkram. One of them is Sextan Shepherd. well known for his amazing steampunk city “Nemo” which was reported about not only in SecondLife but in the real world as well.” 

To pay a visit, please follow this SLurl to arrive at the Flea market:

(and my thanks for the patience of all readers as I attempt to catch up with the “projects in progress”!)

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Doctor Q

Thank you so much for the mention of the Artifice Clubs gala on your illustrious Tribune. Keep up the great work.

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