steampunk events 29 april 2011 to 1 may

Friday, April 29, 2011

Steampunk Events: 29 April, 2011 to 1 May, 2011

The Steampunk convention season is in full swing, with two major conventions taking place this weekend!  Starting with the Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition, which will host a star-studded field of Steampunk luminaries (including Mr. Mike Perschon (from the Steampunk Scholar), Professor Elemental, and Miss Jaymee Goh (writer and blogger), to name but a few), fantastic events (a plethora of lectures, gadgets galore, ladies Steampunk fashions, and (one I will to my dismay) an “Extraordinary Gin Tasting”), plenty of Steampunk Gadgets, Music, Literature, and so much  more!  If one has somehow missed the proverbial boat on the Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition, by all means to endeavor to attend, if at all possible!  For more details, a schedule of events, and up-to-the-moment news, please do visit their website, at:
If one’s plans precludes a trip north of the 48th parallel, fear not!  Aetherfest will be in full swing in beautiful San Antonio this weekend!  With special guests, stupendous music, and visits from the Airship Isabella and Mr. Addisyn Madd and the Landship Dead Betty, there is certain to be plenty of Steamy goodness deep in the heart of Texas!  For more information, please visit the Aetherfest’s website, at:



HEY! Addisyn Madd is a man! not a miss.. I am him!


Addisyn Madd is a MAN!! where did you get miss from?!?


Ack – my apologies! The information has been updated, and you are rightfully a man again!

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