steampunk fashion livejournal website

Friday, April 25, 2008

Steampunk Fashion Livejournal Website

Jake Von Slatt’s newest desktop (posted Wednesday, 23rd of April)

Came across “Steampunk Fashion” while researching another steampunk topic. This site has grown quite deep since last year, and is impressive, as there is a wealth of artwork, discussions, RL events (including the Dances of Vice “Dark Victorian” tribute night to the 3 Penny Opera in New York, April 26th, at the Montauk Club – for all ages).

Model used for the “Retroscope” webstore (for the ladies, of course)…

The site is certainly worth a visit and spend some time being inspired! To do so, please visit the following link for more:



The pocket watch of my dreams… The Patek Philippe Cablire 89, with 1728 separate parts!

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