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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Steampunk Fashion notes from IO9….

Going through the list of topics which I didn’t have the opportunity to address earlier, I came across an IO9 article about RL Steampunk Fashion tips (aka, Steampunk Fashion on a Budget).  It provides a list of useful suggestion, though some seem a bit academic (e.g. “Be Creative” – I would assume that would be a key element of anyone desiring to build their own ensemble, vice purchasing one outright).  However, it does highlight other good tips, including advice on design (including a link to the Steampunk Fashion LJ community, moderated by the lovely Miss Evelyn Kriete, a frequent contributor to the Steampunk Tribune).

Though first printed in November of last year, the tips are certainly useful, and something I will be looking to apply as I begin my own effort at “upgrading” my genre attire.  To read the article, please visit IO9, at:
Additionally, though I have yet to explore Gaia online, their Steampunk Fashion thread is quite extensive, dating back to 2007.  Much of the 437 pages seem to be responses to previous posts, it may be a location to find a hidden gem, or at the very least garner a few ideas for personal use!  Their site starts at:

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