steampunk kickstarter works in progress

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Steampunk Kickstarter works in progress…

Well, I’ve fallen a bit behind in highlighting the novel independent endeavors from the Steampunk Kickstarter realm, so I hope to attempt to make amends, I will commence with the Kickstarted endeavor of Miss O.M. Grey, who is looking for a bit of assistance with her three new novels, The Zombies of Mesmer, Caught in the Cogs (an anthology of her works), and an untitled novel for 2012.  Do consider a visit to her Kickstarter page, followed by a trip to her outstanding blog, titled “Caught in the Cogs”, at:

Doctor Fantastique’s Show of Wonders is working furiously to their online work and produce a hard-copy Steampunk magazine!  They hope to acquire enough funding for the first three issues of their endeavor, and the writeup at their Kickerstarter locale provides yet more information, so if the thought of a real Steampunk magazine is a tempting idea, do pay them a visit, followed by a trip to their webpage, at:

Miss Unwoman, an extraordinary musical talent who is well known in Steampunk circles, will be playing three sessions for the fortunate individuals who are able to attend the upcoming SteamCon III!  As part of her voyage to the great emerald city, she is seeking funding to produce a documentary regarding what will be an superlative time!  To learn more, as always, please visit her own Kickstarter, where she provides much more information  and an event or two in her non-musical existence… at:

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