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Monday, July 20, 2009

Steampunk Media: Airship Diaries and The Clockwork Cabaret (revisited)

Steampunk podcasts tend to come and go, such as ZenMondo Wormer’s excellent “Zen and the Art of Steampunk“, or circumstances intervene in their production (e.g. The Steampunk Spectular), but there is a new Steampunk podcast which holds quite a bit of promise.
Airship Diaries, easily found on Itunes, is produced by a Mr. Evan Cummings, and documents the adventures of Captain Jerrick, and his amazing Steampunk adventures aboard the airship Babbage. To locate his body of work, please turn to Itunes, and simply search for “Airship Diaries” – and enjoy the current nine episodes (and counting).
Made a point of stopping by the Clockwork Caberet, and saw that they have reworked their site, with a very nice presentation and an archive of their 77 (!) of episodes of Steampunk music! The Davenport sisters have been broadcasting for over a year, and are going strong – kudos, ladies!
Though the definition of “Steampunk music” is fleeting, the Clockwork Caberet can quite easily be stated as the focal point for the genre’s soundtrack, providing depth beyond the the common standards. Not only do they archive their previous episodes, but very kindly list their extensive playlists along side their producitons. If, for some reason, one has not indulged in their endevor, please turn to…
Or simply locate the Clockwork Caberet on Itunes as well!


Rhianon Jameson

The Davenport sisters noticed your blog entry and gave you a nice shout-out in Episode 78 (about at the 15 minute mark). So yay!

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Oh? Outstanding – I shall head on over and take a listen! Thank you once again, Miss Jameson!