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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Steampunk MMORG: Gatheryn

A demonstration avatar in front of an airship in Gatheryn

It appears that those who are waiting for Gatheryn… will have to wait a bit longer. Though it was supposed to reach Beta testing last December, it has yet to arrive at that point. However, at the recent Game Developer’s Conference (GDC), it seems to have garnered a respectable buzz about it.

A number of games and quests have been shown as part of the MMORG

The system has been touted as “developed for the casual player”, with free game play, but additional subscriptions and micro-transactions are in the works (not quite sure what the player will obtain from this, but hopefully the Beta will reveal all – or at least some of its secrets). One interesting item that was quoted was that Gatheryn will use the Hero games’ engine for avatar interaction – purported to be quite a good system.

A bit hard to see from this resolution, but there are some similarities to Second Life with regards to the avatars, at least superficially.

Projected for “2009”, ideally it will open sooner than later, and allow a better view of this unique Steampunk MMORG. For more information, please visit the main site (which has a nice music sound track and more stills), or some of the more recent reviews, at:



I hadn’t heard of this one yet. I guess it’s a race to see whether this one or Neo Steam come to market first.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Indeed, sir, it seems so. It appears, from what I can garner from the description of Neo-Steam, is that has more of a combat aspect to it than Gatheryn. However, it will be intersting to compare the two when they do *finally* emerege.