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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Steampunk Notables: Nikola Tesla Biography, the Forgotten Wizard

Though I had posted a biography of Mr. Tesla earlier, I would say that this bio is a bit more indepth and better made. The youtube narrative states…

The life story and work of Nikola Tesla. He invented AC electricity, Neon Lights, Radio transmission, The Electric motor, Wireless electricity transfer, Remote control, Hydraulics, Lasers, Space weapons, Robotics, and many, many more things.

As Tesla claimed to have invented a way to harness free energy from the voltage difference in the ionosphere that causes lighning, he was seen as a threat to the world energy economy and most of his inventions were classified for national securtiy by the US govenment.

A lot of his discoveries in physics have not been released to the public, depsite being invented nearly 100 years ago. In 2006 the first comapany publically announced it could successfully power items by remote power without wires, ( stm) something Tesla had invented nearly a century ago. Other technologies not yet released to the public include HAARP Elecromagnetic technology and high energy particle beams used in space weapons.

One of the better works, but not sure if the demonstration of his remote-controlled submarine (@ 0:56) is original or a reproduction.

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Elfod Nemeth

Superb film, thank you Dr Fabre.