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Amazingly enough, I’m actually catching up with the entries on the top link bar! The promised list of Steampunk podcasts (circa January of 2013), is listed below, and I’ll endeavor to add/update it as more notable Steampunk podcasts come about!
(Please note – one can also find the iTunes work by searching in iTunes search!…)

1. The Clockwork Cabaret – Ongoing
One of my perennial favorite Steampunk podcasts, the Clockwork Cabaret is the audio showcase for the world of Steampunk, and a “must subscribe” for anyone with an ipod (or other fruit-associated electronic device). To learn more about their extensive work, or find alternate feeds (aside from iTunes , please do visit their website, at:, and the podcast is located at:

2. Steampunk Research & Development Podcast – (September 2012 – Current)
As part of the comprehensive website “Steampunk Research and Development”, the associated podcast is very nicely done, and I am certainly looking forward to their weekly episodes (although the volume is a tad low, so you’ll have to check your speakers). To view the, and the itunes location is at:

3.Steam Geeks – (January 2011 – December 2011)
Hosted by the talented members of the League of Steam, this series did a yeoman job of covering a variety of Steampunk-related news and topics. On an extended hiatus, it is still an excellent website to download and indulge. It is located at:

4.The Non-Euclidean Aethercast – (July 2012 – Ongoing)
The very talented author of the Traveller’s Steampunk blog also has an ongoing audio series to accompany his steadfast blog ( Covering a variety of topics, including the Steampunk realms of Europe, it is high on the list for listening… althoguh I have not found a direct iTunes link, an alternate soundcloud link for The Non-Euclidean Aethercast can be located at:

5.Zen and the Art of Steampunk – (August 2009)
The only Steampunk podcast (to my knowledge) regarding the Second Life Steamlands, Zen & the Art of Steampunk, hosted by Mr. ZenMondo Wormser, covered a variety of RL & SL Steampunk endeavors. A brief four episodes, it is still enjoyable to listen to Steampunk in the virtual worlds, “back in the day”. So to indulge, please turn to:

6.The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences – (April 2011 – Ongoing)
An enticing Steampunk series documenting the continuing episodes of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, winner of the 2011 Airship Awards, and finalist for best science fiction on, the podcast adds an extra dimension to their current novel (the Janus Affair), and frankly whets one’s appitite for more episodes (and well, more novels as well)! I must say I’m quite looking forward to this series (after indulging in a few samples episodes)! To get up to speed on the MOPO, please do visit their website, at: , and their iTunes locale, at:

7. Airship Wrecked, with Captain Proctor – (January 2012 – Ongoing)
Described as “…an airship captain from the Steampast crashes, and is left with nothing more than a gramophone, a handful of period recordings, and a radio which broadcasts into the future.” I’m quite impressed with the episodes I’ve enjoyed, so to “test the waters”, please turn to:

8. Voices in the Machine – (October 2008 – January 2009)
A refreshing work covering the Steamlands for an albeit too short time period, Voices in the Machine is a wonderful retrospective of the virtual Steampunk existance, which focused (naturally) on the SL Steamlands. Though many of the topics may not make sense to non-SL individuals, for those who are involved, it is a keen insight to a golden era of the Steamlands. To indulge, please turn to:
http://www.voicesinthemachine.blogspot.comA few more works that I’ve yet to listen to, but are loaded onto my little device…

9. Of Steam, Steel, and Murder- (November 2009 – Ongoing)

10. Radio Steam – (Undated, but completed)
[Search through iTunes, please]

11. The Emperor’s Edge (Completed audiobook)

12. Fables of the Flying City – (November 2005 – June 2012)

Finally, I’m writing this list as I am completing perhaps the best historical podcast ever completed! The History of Rome, by Mr. M. Duncan, takes one on a detailed and comprehensive review of the *entire* Roman Republic & Empire, from its early days as essentially a “retched hive of scum and villainy”, through the Republic, the Empire, and its ultimate fall. With 193+ episodes of a half hour long (more or less), it is the perfect narrative for a long drive / journey! One can find it at:

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