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Monday, September 7, 2009

Steampunk Travelogue: Mieville Doyle

A picturesque view of Mieville Doyle’s central park.
I do like to go out and about a bit in an attempt to locate new and different Steampunk/Neo-Victorian lands, and about a while back I stumbled upon the Mieville lands. Over the months, I’ve seen it evolve, and kept in touch with the sim owner, Mr. Perryn Peterson, who has been diligently working towards its completion.
The main shopping venue, with a good number of stores by well-known merchants.
One arrives at in a Gazebo, and begin the STEAM hunt by entering the main shopping district. Aside from the event’s origin, the number of Steampunk and Neo-Victorian stores easily accessible in on central point is impressive. Aside from a laundry list of merchants, I would encourage at least a visit for the express purpose of crass commercialism.

View exiting the Arrival Gazebo, heading towards Mieville Poe.
At the current moment, the residency consists mostly of commercial interests, but an expansion towards a broader community is plainly in the works.
A secondary view of Mieville Doyle’s park – a relaxing locale.

The north-east corner of Mieville contains the residential district, with a good number of Victorian abodes gracing its presence.
I must admit that I’m not quite knowledgeable of the housing criteria (e.g. how to obtain a parcel, to answer that question), but I’m confident that a quick IM to Mr. Peterson would clear up any issues regarding said information.

The entrance to the Steamy Rust Bucket – quite easy to find!
All successful sims may attract individuals with their initial build, but it is the quality (and civility) of the community that convinces people to return. This in mind, Mieville has its own venture, the Steamy Rust Bucket, which looks to be a central location for events in the sim.

An aero-view of the Steamy Rust-bucket.
I wasn’t able to locate a listing for the events at the Steamy Rust Bucket, but I will keep a close ear to the ground regarding future events.

This little fellow apparently became lost from his flock! I think he’s still wandering around the Steamy Rustbucket, looking for his mother!
To pay a visit to Mieville Doyle, enjoy the surroundings, and take your trip in the STEAM event!
To visit Mieville Doyle, please head towards:


Steadman Kondor

Sounds like an intriguing sim that I would love to explore – do you know if it is inspired by any of China Mievilles novels?

Breezy Carver

Dear Dr Fabre,
what an echanting write up you have given this beautiful new nation .. ponders, Perhaps The "Little Fellow" was looking for a most kind fellow voyager to share his own wonders with :)..
miss carver

Dr. Rafael Fabre

@ Mr. Kondor – From what limited information I currently have, I would say that Mieville Doyle isnt, and each of the remaining five sims will have a theme akin to the second name (e.g. Mieville Poe will be a bit of a darker sim). For a more "China Mieville"-esque sim, I would recommend Armada, though undergoing renovation, will be closer to Mr. Mievilles work. For more information, they do have an active Ning forum, and are quite a friendly lot.

@ Miss Carver – I did visit the little fellows home, and it was unique enough that Ill have to write it up soon!