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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Steampunk Travelogue: Titus Groan

Contrary to one of my earlier beliefs regarding the contraction of Second Life and Virtual Worlds, it seems that a number of new Steampunk sims have emerged into the Steamlands in recent months.  There seems to have been a trend of new Steampunk sims, with specialized groups who develop sims with a Steampunk background, often with exceptional success.  One such sim is Titus Groan.

A view of the beach boardwalk

Titus Groan, and its associated surronding sims, are intriguing, but not for its advertised reason, however.  Titus Groan, and Engine, its Steampunk club, is a dedicated gay community.  Though there are individuals in the Steamlands who happen to be gay, I do believe that Titus Groan is the first Steampunk sim that makes a point of marketing itself as being gay-focused, which makes it unique in that aspect alone.

The expansive roads and parks of the main city

What I have found interesting of this sim is its construction and design.  Many in Second Life are not builders (myself included) – if one has a plot of land, either one will acquire an pre-made build, or if one has the finacial wherewithal, hire a talented individual to design and construct a build, or perhaps even an entire sim.  However, a mish-mash of build without a coherent design can be taxing on one’s virtual eyes.

A view of the urbane side of the city

Titus Groan uses pre-constructed builds, but Bear Land Holdings, LLC, (the owners of the sim), have done an outstanding job of build selection and layout.  Though I can see the fingerprints of many well-known Steampunk builders (e.g. Mr. Sextan Shepherd, Miss J. Dibou, Four Winds, the Golden Oriole, to mention a few), the owners have done an exceptional job of re-creating a Victorian sim, with notable tinges of Steampunk throughout.  The sim is easy to navigate, pan, walk, and is a nice mix of stores and personal residences.

The Northmead Exhibition and Lecture Hall

If one does like to explore Steampunk beyond the established Steamlands, I would certainly recommend a trip to Titus Groan.  I’m confident that there are regular events, which can be found at their entertainment center (at Engine, pictured below, in a castle across a moat), or even if one wishes to simply walk the expansive parks and walkways of the sim, I would encourage one to indulge on a trip to Titus Groan.  To start your ambulating tour, please visit:

The Engine Steampunk club – a brief walk across the moat (by the beach)

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