victorian literature diary of murder

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Victorian Literature: The Diary of a Murder

Received word about an outstanding read (which I am currently indulging in), titled “The Diary of a Murder“, by Mr. Lee Jackson.  An era specific mystery, it is available in a number of forms (e.g. electronic, including Kindle, print, ect…) and is, quite kindly of the author, free of charge (though donations for his hard work would always be appreciated)!  Do take the time and read Mr. Jackson’s latest work, located at:

For those who may not know, Mr. Jackson is also the source behind one of the internet’s best known Victorian era blogs, The Cat Meat’s Shop, and the editor of the seminal source of online Victorian London perspicacity, The Victorian Dictionary.  Most fiction (especially Steampunk) contains a seed of truth, so take a moment to go to the seed store, and discover a few (or a good number) of kernels of knowledge about Steampunk’s signature city!