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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Virtually Classic Fashions’ “Twelve Days of Fashion”…

The Lovely Miss Carver posing with the latest’s Vollers collection,
a unique combination between RL and SL fashion designers…
One enjoyable aspect of blogging is discovering and displaying the endeavors of others, be it SL or RL.  One notable SL blog is Miss Breezy Carver’s blog, Virtually Classic Fashions.  I review many things, but one which I attempt to avoid at all costs is the fashion world.  Aside from the fact there are plenty of existing blogs of said sorts around, in world I am as most men.  I have a few sets of attire I wear (usually Mr. Nix Sand’s Xcenrticity or Tres Beau), and even then, I pull straight from inventory (never mix and match – except for perhaps a hat)!
One of Miss Carvers fashion shoots took her to 
Mr. Nightshade Sixpence’s very unique Steampunk abode
To start the Christmas Season, Miss Carver will run a series titled “The Twelve Days of Fashion”, highlight outstanding designers in the virtual worlds.  She has been blogging since late 2008 on Second Life Fashions, and her blog, “Virtually Classic Fashions”, focuses on attire from both the re-imagined Victorian fashions of the Steampunk era (mid-eighteen hundreds to the early nineteen hundreds), and onto the Dieselpunk era (from the early nineteen hundreds to the late nineteen forties).  She has an eagle eye for the newest attire and design on SL, ferreting out fashion talent from many corners of the grid, and is fashion-forward with an attire chic-ness.
Miss Carver modeling the latest Donna Flora in a Steampunk setting…
An example of this is the Vollers collection offer, a unique mix between classic RL stores and SL fashion.  BlackLace, as SL endeavor, is working in conjunction with the owners of the RL company, A Beautiful Corset, to offer a combination between SL and RL attire.  For more details, please visit the details at Miss Carver’s entry on this RL/SL fusion.
Miss Carver visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris 1900, modeling
fashion from Paper Couture
Though there are many SL Fashion blogs on the aethernet, Miss Carver’s blog is specifically focused on classic attire from RL which make their ways to SL.  If you have an eye for the latest fashions in the virtual worlds, do consider stopping by Virtually Classic Fashions, at:


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