weekend events and and mr drinkwaters

Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekend events and and Mr. Drinkwater’s electorial race…

A quick post for some upcoming events this weekend…

Saturday, 11th of October

Fort Fox Party (12pm 1pm SLT)
(Antiquity Tortuga)

Nautical Battles (8pm SLT)
(Antiquity Lagoon)

Sunday, 12th of October

Antiquity Sea Battle
(12 pm SLT noon)
(Antiquity Lagoon)

Aether Salon Meeting at 2pm SLT
(Babbage Palisades)
We have adjusted the time of the Salon in order to allow several speakers to join us – including Mr. Django Yifu, to talk about the Monster Hand; several individuals to address issues related to the Amulet; and (we hope) additional speakers to talk about warding charms and how to attract and repel mummies of all sorts.

Concert in the Park (3pm SLT)
(Antiquity Township)

Antiquity Sea Battle (6pm SLT)
(Antiquity Lagoon)

Monday, 13th of October

Geisha Show (12 pm SLT noon)
(Antiquity Township East)

Antiquity Sea Battle (Long Ships) (8pm SLT)
(Antiquity Lagoon)

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

As far as the request for the electorial effort, I’m afraid if you were expecting someting as pedandtic as the US presidental elections, you will be most dissapointed. In actuality, New World Notes has listed one of SL Steampunk & Neo-Victorian most notable individuals in the “Top Ten Hottest Male Avatars List” competition – Mr. JJ Drinkwater! In an effort to support his canidacy, I would kindly request that anyone who might be intersted in seeing his becoming, um, “Hot and Steamy Fellow”, please place your vote at the following location:


As of this writing, he is in 2nd place, but far behind the leader, a Mr. McBride, by a rate of 24.7% to 43.2%. Voting ends at on Halloweeen, so please do stop by and vote for Mr. Drinkwater!


Capt. Red Llewellyn

of course i had to vote! our Mr. Drinkwater is the epitome of suave urbanity!

Baron K. Wulfenbach

I am regretful that I missed the salon, or at least that I missed sending Fraulein Sforza or Lady Kitlalmina. They may have been able to get some good out of the discussion, and contribute their own information and experiences.


Dr. Rafael Fabre

Dear Captain – Indeed so… but inspite of a vallient effort, it looks like the difference between first and second my be insurmountable. Still, I do encoruage every Steampunk and Neo-Victorian to “Vote for JJ”!
Dear Baron – I will ensure that I add it to the calender, as I am certain that it will eventually become a standard event in SL Steampunk.