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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Advertisements for the Heliograph

(by Henri Meunier – 1897) – Coffee Advertisement

I’ve been looking at making a few minor changes to the Heliograph, and I’ll be starting with the advertisement for SL Steampunk Merchants on the right sidebar. I have seven spots available (more or less). If you are interested in a spot, there are a few criteria for placement, being…

1) The advertisement be 270 x 270 pixels in size
2) Have an appropriate for the Steampunk genre (such as those displayed or those currently on the side bar)
3) Provide a SLurl to the location of the store, and
4) Have a store (or a branch) in one of the New Babbage sims.

Men fitting a package on a ship, for Kakeda Belding Brothers, and Co., Rockville, Conn. (Circa 1890)

Additionally, there is no fee charged to advertise (also known as “free” – I believe it is more important to promote the builders and designers of SL Steampunk, than attempt to squeeze a few dollars/lindens from said persons – money is tight enough!)

(by Will Bradley – 1896) – Victor Bicycles

If you are intersted in a spot, please leave a note here and/or contact me at:, to make arrangements. At this point, I’m looking at taking about seven new adverts.(If you currently have an advert on the blog, I’ll be contacting you about any necessary modifications to your advisement).

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