The Best Steampunk Art of 2019

Steampunk art brings to life the technology and personalities of the steampunk world. This art often uses materials like brass, iron, steel, and copper. Airships are a big feature of steampunk art. They often include guns armor to be ready for battle. But there is a lot of great steampunk art out there.

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See below for our picks for the best steampunk art of 2019!

Best Steampunk Paintings and Sketches

The only limit is the imagination for steampunk paintings, sketches and graphic designs. See below for our top picks of 2019.

1. Steampunk Mini-City

This brilliant work of art pictures a man in the victorian era (perhaps an inventor?) with a veritable city in his steampunk hat! The piece is brimming with imagination and creativity. Final genius touch is a contraption that goes from the top of this man’s hat to light his pipe! This piece was shared by suz oakmage3 on Pinterest. It is not clear if she is the original artist or not.

2. Steampunk Traveler

This is a fantasy piece shared by Steampunk Ages includes the creativity and ingenuity we love about steampunk. It has a lot of character leaving the reader’s imagination to wonder about this person. It almost looks like a steampunk version of the move UP. The sunset (or rise?) in the background is a nice touch making it both beautiful and interesting.

3. Don’t Mess With the Steampunk Cat

Every steampunk fan should have this art piece on their wall in at least one spot. How could you resist a cute cat with orange eyes and laser sight to shoot her remote cannon gun? And the whole piece is in the style of a victorian painting, making this absurd sight look realistic!

4. Steampunk France

This piece of steampunk art was shared by Steampunk Tendencies and imagines a world where Paris is turned into a steampunk city. The airships are a brilliant combination of steampunk style & imagination with 1950s automobile fins. The painting leave a lot to the imagination but steampunk is all about creative imagination.

5. Still Fighting Airship

This piece comes from and pictures an airship at war, lighting up the night in case of attack. Gatling guns can be seen on the top and the ocean at the bottom. The whole painting just evokes thought and the lit balloons are very creative.

6. The Factory

This piece pictures a steampunk factory and was shared by DesignMag. The brass and green coloring is a nice touch and the ceiling seems to have a floating tube (maybe the beginnings of an airship?). The stairways look like they were created by a master steampunk architect and it makes you wonder what brilliant creations are to come from this factory.

7. The Airship Regatta

Part drawing, part graphic design, this piece of steampunk art pictures a vintage looking poster with the advanced technology of steampunk and a little humor too! Not only can you see an airship show, there is a fancy hat party afterward! This art piece transforms you to another, futuristic, and slightly goofy era. This piece appears to come from Girl Genius.

8. Dieselpunk City

While this is more dieselpunk than steampunk, this piece is too cool to pass up. The floating airship is actually a submarine and the ominous figure with a fancy weapon stirs the imagination. There’s also a lady in a red dress in the background signaling another storyline. Is her husband going off to war? The spikes on the airship also give this work of art an epic feel. This piece comes to us from ArtNaVi and is available here.

Types of Steampunk Art

Since Steampunk is all about creativity, there are many different types of steampunk art out there. From the traditional art forms of paintings, sculptures, and graphic design, to transforming everyday items like teapots and watches into creative works of art, steampunk definitely has interesting art. See below for some of our picks for the best art of a wide variety of types.

Best Steampunk Sculptures

There is a lot of creative art out there in the steampunk community. From sculptures, to lamps, to things we’re not even sure what to call. The best steampunk sculptures seem to be one of a kind creations and so they may sell out.

1. Cyborg Kraken

This sculpture showcases the brass style of steampunk along with it’s advanced technology. This appears to be some kind of armored fighting kraken sitting on steampunk computer chip. This piece comes from Dellamorteco and can be found here.


2. The Aethermancer

This aethermancer statue is covered in brass and decked out with gadgets. He seems to have a kind of telescope eye and knows how to use it. The tophat is a nice touch and the statue just looks plain cool. You can get this here from Dellamorteco.


3. Ironopolis


This is for all the steampunk women out there high heels in steampunk style. The heels almost look like a steampunk ship and there is an old village inside. If you look closely you can see a red pipe system going through the town, perhaps bringing steam power to the house. This creative work is by Veronese and it is available here.

Transformed Household Items

Steampunk creativity extends to all areas of life, including common household items like teapots, lamps, and many other things. See below for our list of best household steampunk art.

1. The Rogue Lamp Enforcer

Who would have thought that steampunk technology could lead to self aware lamp-bots? This creative creation pictured running around the dessert on some kind of quest. The only problem with the rogue lamp enforcer is that it will kill all your other lamps. You can find it from easy2cook here.

2. The Edison Submarine Lamp

This lamp combines nautical theme with a tricked-out Edison style lightbulb. The style looks completely original. This would be the perfect accessory for your steampunk office. You can get this here from MagenKening.


3. Steampunk Teapot

This teapot appears to be made up of cannibalized brass parts. The amount of detail is impressive and is definitely a conversation starter. You can get this here from Richard Simon’s Art.


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  • May 9, 2019 at 8:48 pm

    I wanted to direct you to the work of the late Andrew George Brown, who created a series of amazing steampunk vehicles many years ago. I may have the details wrong, but I believe he was a greeting card illustrator, who painted these privately in the 70s or 80s before tragically passing away. These prints were discovered by his now-grown daughter some years later, and she makes them available on Etsy. I own several, and they really are extraordinary

    • May 10, 2019 at 7:33 am

      Cool art, thanks for sharing!


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