Steampunk Art Guide & Best of List

It can be surprisingly difficult to find good steampunk art online. That’s why we’ve created this list of steampunk prints, sculptures and lamps.

We’ve taken liberty with the names as many didn’t have names in the first place! Many are available in multiple sizes and styles and each is linked to where you can purchase it online. See below for our picks of the best steampunk art in 2019!

Please share your favorite pieces in the comments so we can keep this list growing!

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What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is often considered a sub-genre of science fiction that imagines a world where the Victorian era (1800s) saw extremely rapid technological advancement. Steampunk is modern technology powered by steam and built with scrap metal. It is ingenuity and creativity with 19th century style.

Steampunk is heavily influenced by H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. They imagined this world of advanced technology operating mechanically like the machines of their day.

But many take offense to calling Steampunk just a sub-genre of science fiction. Steampunk is a style of art, fashion, and some even consider it a way of life.

What is Steampunk Art?

Steampunk art brings to life the technology and personalities of the steampunk world. Steampunk art often uses materials like brass, iron, steel, and copper. Airships are a big feature of steampunk art. They often include guns armor to be ready for battle.

Best Steampunk Paintings & Prints

Steampunk paintings and prints often feature dystopian post-apocalyptic cities. The other thing steampunk paintings almost always include is examples of steampunk technology. Steampunk artists fuse art, technology, and history to make highly creative works of art.

See below for our top steampunk art paintings and prints of 2019!

Steampunk Airship Alley

steampunk airship in city

This brilliant piece of steampunk art brings together so many different themes. It has elements of dieselpunk, the wild west, and 1920s New York City. It makes you imagine a bustling steampunk city in a realistic fashion. Brilliant and creative, this tops our list of steampunk art prints.

      • $43.99 – $173.99 (available in different styles & sizes)
      • Free Shipping (but longer than normal shipping times)
      • See more from ArtNaVi
      • Buy on Etsy here.


Steampunk’s Heart Canvas

      • $79.99 – $279.99 (available in different styles & sizes)
      • Free Shipping
      • Buy on CanvasFreaks here.


Steampunk Q Ship

      • $5.75 – $101.25 (*many* different sizes & styles)
      • Available on a mug.
      • Buy here on DeviantArt.
      • See more from this artist here.


Flying Airship on Dictionary


Eye Canvas

      • $43.99 – $173.99 (available in different styles & sizes)
      • Free Shipping (but longer than normal shipping times)
      • See more from ArtNaVi here.
      • Buy on Etsy here.


Verne & Wells Raygun

steampunk vintage ad for raygun


Epic Airship Docked

      • $43.99 – $173.99 (available in different styles & sizes)
      • Free Shipping (but longer than normal shipping times)
      • See more from this seller here.
      • Buy on Etsy here.

See our steampunk airship photos here.


Steampunk Submarine

        • $79.99 – $399.90 (many sizes and styles)
        • Available in “mega” size.
        • Buy the item from Canvas Freaks here.


Steampunk Sculptures

There is a lot of creative art out there in the steampunk community. From sculptures, to lamps, to things we’re not even sure what to call. The best steampunk sculptures seem to be one of a kind creations and so they may sell out.

Note: if any of these sell out, we have no regrets because we’ve introduced you to a great steampunk artists. Just visit the link to the seller and find something else cool there.



Steampunk Aethermancer Statue


Bronze Steampunk Stiletto Heel Hill, Ironopolis Sculpture





Steampunk Lamps


Lit Airship


Edison Submarine

      • $359.00 (handmade art aint cheap!)
      • Item is, “made to order” (shipping in 5-7 weeks)
      • Too cool not to include.
      • Buy here
      • See more from MagenKening.

The Rogue Lamp Enforcer


That’s it for now!


Do you have a piece of steampunk art you think should be on this list? Add it in the comments below and we will include it if it passes muster.

2 thoughts on “Steampunk Art Guide & Best of List

  • May 9, 2019 at 8:48 pm

    I wanted to direct you to the work of the late Andrew George Brown, who created a series of amazing steampunk vehicles many years ago. I may have the details wrong, but I believe he was a greeting card illustrator, who painted these privately in the 70s or 80s before tragically passing away. These prints were discovered by his now-grown daughter some years later, and she makes them available on Etsy. I own several, and they really are extraordinary

    • May 10, 2019 at 7:33 am

      Cool stuff, thanks for sharing!


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