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Saturday, February 2, 2008

SL Steampunk & Victorian Sim News..

Upon preparing for my photo/article work in SL yesterday evening, I was made aware of numerous developments in the SL Steampunk & Victorian realms – the thumbnail sketches are as follows…

(Babbage Square) – The next sim to New Babbage will be named “Babbage Palisade”, and should arrive quite soon to the existing four sims. Additionally, the town meeting will be moved to 1pm SLT on 03Feb08 (sunday), due to scheduling issues.

(Antiquity Township) – The newest sim to Antiquity, Port Royal, will be located directly south of Antiquity Tortuga, and will be a strong hold for the pirates that have taken hold of the southern portions of Antiquity.

(Victoria City) – Caledon will host its first annual Mardi Gras on February 8th (Friday), at 7pm SLT. Floats are currently being developed for the parade, so if you are interested, please see the group notices for furter details.

(Steelhead) – After the Mardi Gras celebrations, Steelhead will host the Friday Night Fete to celebrate the Chinese New Year (Year of the Rat) – (08February08).

(Steeltopia) – Major construction and business acquisitions have been occuring in the city, with the rail system coming online, and the addition of many major Steampunk vendors, including Steampowered Nuts/Unzipped & Serenity Steamworks.


Baron K. Wulfenbach

Herr Doktor,

If you would like, I have the updated form of the Steelhead flag (they revised it a few months ago) in my gallery here, in two sizes. The proportions are 3:2 in this particular set.

You might also like to look at the new page for the Imperial Navy of Caledon, wherein Captain (or is is Commodore?) Trenton is collecting naval ensigns and other vexillogical information of good use to sailors of various lands.


Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Dear Baron,
Thank you very much, I shall do so indeed!
Dr. Rafael Fabre