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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Aether Chronicles and a Teutonic Steampunk advertisement

While taking a moment from my RL duties, I located an outstanding SL Steampunk website, the Aether Chronicles, authored by Miss Aether Inglewood, a talented SL blogger. I found her site interesting as she also covers Steampunk, but her focus appears to be more on the aero side of Steampunk, including an on-going series on Caledon’s Airfields (I only thought there was one – I suppose I need to visit the Independent State a bit more).

Aside from her writings, she also happened to locate this amazingly impressive representation of the pre-historic era (or at least, how it should have been – I do admire her admiration of the smokestack on the T-Rex)!

To visit the Aether Chronicles, please turn to:


Aether Inglewood

Thanks so very much for the mention here on The Heliograph. Very kind of you Sir. Again, my thanks.

Aether Inglewood

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Always a pleasure, madam… I’m always one to support the of Steampunk blogs, especially with a fine one such as yours!