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Monday, September 19, 2011

Alternate History Steampunk Maps…

Steampunk, interestingly enough, is easily one of the most popular alternate history genres on the market.  By definition a change in technology, leading to changes in political, economic, and a plethora of other things, is not only a great potential for excellent writing (just ask the Steampunk Scholar for a few suggestions), but alternate history maps with a Steampunk view are also unique gems to behold.

I happened upon the artistic cartographer, ~Alt-Reality, a bit ago, who designed some amazing alternate history maps.  A few Steampunk-focused maps exist, but to truly enjoy them do take the link to the lager versions – they are painfully beautiful!  Additionally, there are plenty of other alternate history maps at ~Alt-Reality’s Deviant Art location, (including yet a few more Steampunk maps to indulge in), located at…


Mark Fenger

I love maps, especially alternate ones. Back when I was a kid, first dreaming of being an author one day Id draw an endless stream of maps, figuring out the countries and their allegiances, character, etcetera. Unfortunately when I was a kid I never got much further than that (I thought that was the most important step in writing a fantasy series).

Now Im older, perhaps wiser, with a steampunk novel on the way to publishers. Hopefully theyll find a good artist to draw the maps for me.


@ Mr. Fenger – Indeed, maps are a fantastic "what if" diversion, akin to Steampunk. I do wish you the best on your search for a cartographer, and will certainly keep an eye out for the release of Aetherstorm!