Steampunk Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017 is just around the corner and people are preparing their amazing costumes but first, let’s take a look at the history of Halloween.


Gaelic Samhain
Gaelic Samhain

It is accepted worldwide that Halloween origins can be traced back to the Ancient Celtic harvest festivals and more precisely the Gaelic festival called Samhain (and pronounced sow-in). The Celts lived in the area now occupied by northern France, UK, and Ireland. They lived there approximately 2000 years ago and were welcoming their New Year on November 1st.

The word itself “Halloween” is of Christian origin and it means Holy Evening and it dates to about 1745.

In recent times Halloween is being celebrated in more and more places. Due to its colorful nature and its commercial effects, people all across the world are celebrating it. Kids absolutely adore it and can’t wait to show their best costumes to their friends and family.

Obviously, the traditions in different countries are quite different. In Britain, kids play practical jokes scaring graveyard visitors with candles put inside skulls, In Ireland and Scotland kids dress up in their costumes and go “guising”.

During the time between the mid-19th century to the early 20th century called “Age of Mass Migration”. The population of the USA grew with the staggering 40% and with the influx of so many immigrants, they brought their own traditions with them including Halloween.

The huge North American commercial influence extended Halloween’s reach to places like Chile, New Zealand, most of Europe and Japan to name a few. Filipinos celebrate by going back to their homes and getting flowers and candles to prepare for the “All Saints Day”. In Latin America and Mexico, people celebrate the “Day of The Dead” or how they call it “Dia De Los Muertos”. They celebrate and honor the lives of their dead relatives and friends.

Bulgarian kukers

In the Balkans, people have a tradition called “kukeri” where men dressed as beasts dance around the streets making loud sounds in order to scare the evil ghosts ( powers ) away. They wear masks and coats with the fur being inside out. This tradition is celebrated in South and Central Europe, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Greece, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia and so on. Italians living on the island of Sardinia have a similar tradition which includes carnival masks. The Italian “kukers” are called “mamutones” and they wear black masks made from wood and casings. Spanish people from Cantabria have a ritual that is pretty close as well and it’s called “Vihanera” celebrated on the first Sunday of the New Year.





Trick or Treat

They include the infamous trick-or-treat, the carving of pumpkins and turning them into lanterns, creating huge fires, pranking, exchanging scary horror stories and visiting spooky attractions.

In some places, it is still widespread to attend Christian churches and light candles for the dead on their graves.






Heidi Klum’s Halloween Transformations

In its roots, Halloween Costumes were designed to look as supernatural beings, ghosts, witches, demons, all kinds of monsters, vampires, boogieman, skeletons and so on. With its popularity booming in the United States the costumes extended to popular characters from comic books, fiction, different celebrities, video game characters and archetypes like samurais, bandits or princesses.

In 1930 trick-or-treating was getting more and more widespread in the states and the first mass-produced Halloween costumes started appearing in stores.

In 1974 the first major Halloween Parade took place in New York and attracted more than 60 000 people in costumes, two million watching visitors and TV audience in excess of 100 million.

Since then all over the world, people celebrate in the streets dressed as their favorite characters and clubs and venues have special costume parties on the day. There are also numerous competitions regarding best costume in different categories which are a global attraction.

Halloween and Steampunk

Steampunk cosplay fits the Halloween celebrations perfectly and creating a costume or adding a Steampunk touch to one you already have is easy, affordable and looks cool.

Considering how big Steampunk has become, you can find basically anything. From hats, dresses, jewelry, watches, shoes to every single accessory you can think of, you can express yourself and your style the way you want.

We compiled a list of Etsy stores with some amazing collections of Steampunk apparel and accessories. Whether you looking for a whole costume or just some stylish jewelry, goggles or mask to accessorize your look, be sure to check them out:



A big collection of Steampunk-style clothes for the ladies. Whether looking for a skirt, a blouse or a whole costume, be sure to stop here.



Here you can find some excellent Victorian-style dresses and accessories for them. All of the apparel is handmade and beautifully crafted


DASOWL – dashandbag

“DASOWL creates fashion and accessories that are both beautiful and useful, using the finest silks, tapestry cloth, and pleather. Handmade in our Northern California studio, and always rich in color, texture and style. Our importance, or course, can not be overstated. As personal Proprietors to Emperor Norton, We have been Lauded, Toasted and Knighted Twice by Mad King Ludwig.”

What more can we say?



“Jewellery is like a biography – a story that tells the many chapters of our lives.” – The motto of the creator of the masterpieces you can find in KindHeartsEmporium.

Amazing collection of jewellery and accessories that can transform your costume in a truly classy Steampunk work of art.



Another great collection of Steampunk-inspired jewellery and accessories. Most pieces have vintage watch parts, gears and charms and you can contact LuckySteamPunk so they can personalize the item you want!

And finally – you could always check out our article on Steampunk Fashion – Clothing Styles that Shape Steampunk to help you choose the different parts of your grat costume! Happy Halloween 2017!


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